The 50 Healthiest Habits and Lifestyle Changes

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The 50 Healthiest Habits and Lifestyle Changes
The 50 Healthiest Habits and Lifestyle Changes By Myrna Goldstein, Mark Goldstein
2016 | 328 Pages | ISBN: 1440834717 | PDF | 4 MB
This book summarizes the findings of scientific research studies to provide readers with straightforward information on a wide variety of healthy habits and the factors that may make them difficult to follow.How can taking a yearly vacation serve to improve your health? Is there any scientific proof that skipping breakfast is detrimental to one's health? Americans are constantly bombarded with health tips from magazines, television, the Internet, and other media, but much of this information can be inaccurate. The 50 Healthiest Habits and Lifestyle Changes provides authoritative, research-based information on habits that are important for everyone, but especially teens and young adults.This easy-to-read book highlights 50 habits for promoting physical as well as mental/emotional and social health. Each entry describes a healthy habit, explains the benefits of that habit, and examines the supporting research and statistics. The book also provides information on major barriers and problems related to each habit and discusses how habits are formed and maintained, covering topics such as positive and negative reinforcement, reward loops, and brain chemistry. Each entry has a section of references and resources that enables readers to conduct their own follow-up research.Presents science-based explanations of the importance of establishing healthy habits―information of critical importance for all readers, but especially for young adultsDispels common modern misconceptions regarding health, such as electronic cigarettes being a completely harmless alternative to tobacco cigarettesIdentifies specific barriers that people commonly encounter when trying to establish a healthy habit and suggests expert advice on overcoming that obstacle

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