Start Read Program An illustrated and fun introduction to programming. Hands-on with Python!

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Start Read Program An illustrated and fun introduction to programming. Hands-on with Python!
Start Read Program: An illustrated and fun introduction to programming. Hands-on with Python! by Poornam
English | October 20, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09K26LSY5 | 110 pages | PDF | 11 Mb
*The paperback version has both a black and white and a color option, click on 'See all formats and editions' above to find other versions*Unlike many coding toys and resources, this book teaches the real thing, actual programming with Python that one would do as a professional / college student.The book teaches you what you need to know to start programming, in a well explained but in an exciting and succinct manner.It teaches how to attack a problem in order to solve it using a computer program.9 Years and older can read and follow the book. Exercises 8 and onwards are for slightly older kids or any adventurous 9 year old!Learn by doing! Hands-on section teaches real life Python programming with screen shots for every step.Appendix has step-by-step instructions with screen-shots to get set up with Python.Every concept is explained with visuals and clear explanation of each step of the program.A funny and captivating story teaches the basics of programming the fun way!Covers all basic concepts in programming - iterations, conditions, variables, functions and more.Includes additional exercise programs with solutions, programming tips, a glossary of programming terminology.Excellent gift to anyone getting into programming!Computer programming is not only fun, it is simple and intuitive too! Anyone can program! Programming is an essential skill of the future. It is a powerful tool, which in the hands of a biologist can help make ground-breaking discoveries. In the hands of an artist can create spectacular visual effects!

This book is intended for students of all ages who want to know what programming is. Anyone from ages nine years or older should find the book easy to read and understand. There are three basic concepts to programming, the first few pages of the book tell a funny story that explains these three concepts.
The second part of the book is hands on. Illustrations, and detailed descriptions help you get set-up and start programming with a language called 'Python'. There are ten exercises, each of which help you get a deep understanding of programming basics.
Within an hour you would have learnt what programming is and by the time you reach the end of the book you can confidently create your own real Python programs!

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