Secrets of the Past and Unexplained Phenomena (Extended edition) The great mystical ways of the ancients

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Secrets of the Past and Unexplained Phenomena (Extended edition) The great mystical ways of the ancients
Secrets of the Past and Unexplained Phenomena (Extended edition): The great mystical ways of the ancients by Gina T. Gibbons
English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08LZLXFYT | 171 pages | EPUB | 1.47 Mb
This is an extended edition. It added new sections in which we will discuss the hidden reptilians on Earth and the mysteries of the death of Titanic.

The past is hidden from us in the dungeon of time, which is closed to thousands of locks. And all our knowledge of the past is scarce and covers only a tiny amount of time. But even despite this, it is foolish to believe that our civilization is the only one that ever existed. It is enough to take into account the age of our planet and think: who lived on it before us? It is people or maybe immortal giants? How did they come about and why did they disappear?
Lost civilizations - mysterious Atlantis, severe Hyperborea, the ghostly Shambhala, the mysterious Harappa, the majestic Troy, the legendary Babylon and the disappeared cities - Jericho and Chatal-Guyuk, Timgad, Herculaneum and Pompeii, Etrutia. Why did they disappear from the earth and geographical maps, becoming semi-mythical phantoms? And what if they all did not disappear, but were destroyed?..
Extended part:
The death of the Titanic. Rock or conspiracy
Hints on the existence of Higher beings
Revenge of the dead shamans
Secrets of the Tungus invasion
Mysterious radio pulses from the depths of space
The Bible - the genetic code of the universe
Race of Dragons: Why do we worship snakes?
Main Part:
Can a planet be alive?
Sell the rain: The man who caused the rain
Sage or witch
Mysteries of Siberia
Eldorado - a city of unspeakable wealth
Matterhorn: Killer Mountain
The story of the "Silver City"
The ancient cunning of emerald
The Stradivarius Secret
Mystery of Gioconda
Egypt's doubtful secrets
Mysteries of African deserts
Ancient underwater civilizations
Are there parallel universes?
Theory of Multiplicity of Worlds
Talking stone in Belarus
Secrets of the golden treasures of Russia
People with two hearts
The Mystery of the "Golden Suitcase"
Healer Francis Schlatter
Who steals our land?
Unknown forces on the battlefield
Underground inhabitants

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