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SUSHI MAKING RECIPE BOOK: Step by Step Guide on How to Make Quick and Easy Sushi and Sashimi Cookbook with Good Taste and Technique by Eunice Lewis Ph.D
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09PNRQBLS | 140 pages | EPUB | 1.46 Mb
With beginner-friendly recipes, you can learn the refined and delicious art of sushi.

Sushi is a true culinary work of art, rich in color, texture, sauces, and many presentation options. Every delectable dish is the work of a creative sushi chef who was previously just where you are. This Sushi Making Recipe Book For Berginners and guide shows you how to make numerous simple sushi recipes to convert your kitchen into a sushi workshop.
Learn about the many different forms sushi has taken both inside and outside of Japan, from classics like Tuna Rolls to unusual options like Spicy Fried Mozzarella Rolls. Find out about kitchen essentials like a sushi-rolling mat and a rice paddle, as well as tips on how to choose high-quality ingredients and prepare them and eating them to satisfaction.
Sushi isn't difficult to create if you have the necessary tools and instructions, as well as the patience to learn the various techniques. With a little practice, you'll be cooking delectable sushi that will impress your family and friends in no time.
You'll discover why knives are so crucial, as well as the differences between Japanese and Western equivalents and alternatives. Ingredients take center stage here, and Eunice Lewis shares his significant experience, whether it's about fluke (Hirame), Octopus (Tako), or red snapper (Red Snapper) (Tai). Embedded with stuff every sushi lover should know.
It's all here: sushi, maki, sashimi, nigiri, and oshizushi. From classic California and Dragon Rolls to tempting clam and sea urchin recipes, there's something for everyone, Vegan and Vegetarian Sushi

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