Neoplatonism and Indian Philosophy

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Neoplatonism and Indian Philosophy
Neoplatonism and Indian Philosophy By Paulos Mar Gregorios (editor)
2001 | 278 Pages | ISBN: 0791452735 | PDF | 10 MB
Explores connections between Neoplatonism and Indian philosophy.The essays in this book show the actual similarities in themes or philosophical systems that exist between certain Western Neoplatonic writers and some major Hindu philosophers and deals with the arguments, pro and con, of the case for an Indian source for the thought of Descriptioninus. Some of the essays are critical studies involving the comparison of technical terms and linguistic considerations, whereas others are only general comparisons. An exercise in comparative philosophy, this book constitutes a de facto East-West philosophical dialogue. It concludes with an extensive critical essay on the role of ritual, myth, and magic in Neoplatonism, an ancillary topic relevant to a comparison of Eastern and Western religious thought.

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