Medical Terminology Pearson New International Edition

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Medical Terminology Pearson New International Edition
Suzanne Frucht, "Medical Terminology: Pearson New International Edition"
English | 2013 | pages: 465 | ISBN: 1292040173 | PDF | 22,7 mb
For all courses in medical. This is a true introductory-level "essentials" text focusing solely on medical terminology, and on teaching students how to build and translate medical terms with confidence. Designed to be fun, accessible, and eye-catching, its powerful approach guides students step-by-step through mastering relevant word parts, understanding word roots, and word assembly. To help students learn meanings, correct spelling, pronunciation, and other components of each term, the book contains numerous exercises, tips, and colorful figures for learning and practice. It is flexible enough to be used either in support of lectures, or as an independent student workbook. MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY: GET CONNECTED!, 1/eencourages students to "get connected" to an engaging multimedia experience onwww.myhealthprofessionskit.com,We have done all the work for you! Students log onto Medical Terminology Interative, create their avatar and they are ready to begin!Students will learn in a dynamic, virtual online environment that includes exercises, videos, animations, activities and more!Learning Modules provide core content for learning medical terminology. Userscan access Medical Terminology Interactive, anytime, day or night, where they can study on their own and practice their word-building skills.

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