Geochemical Treasures and Petrogenetic Processes

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Geochemical Treasures and Petrogenetic Processes
Geochemical Treasures and Petrogenetic Processes
English | 2022 | ISBN: 9811947813 | 529 Pages | PDF (True) | 17 MB
This book highlights various aspects of geochemical and geological processes. In brief, it facilitates to understand the geochemical behavior of major, trace and rare earth elements in rocks to identify the magmatic processes involved in present-day magma generation and their relation to global tectonic regimes as well as geothermal studies. Therefore, the book provides a comprehensive view of the generation of magma types (mafic to felsic in composition) and their role in the petrogenesis. The book also covers the development of new geosoftware to effectively process the geochemical data before its interpretation.

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