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GENERATED BY VACUUM: The Power of Water, Memory Coherence and E.D.Q Theory, Universe and Quantum Vacuum, Virtual Particles and Living Matter, Frequencies and Informed Water, Water Mind Program by Francesco Pensato
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BFNKPQ2V | 125 pages | EPUB | 2.27 Mb
Through a simple but effective descriptive path from the immensely large to the immensely small, the author dwells on the importance of the spontaneous fluctuations of matter generating an immense reserve of "Dark Energy" in the void. In the interaction of this energy through certain particles defined as virtual, and water, lies the secret of biological life.

Water thus proves to be the great conductor of the orchestra and, due to its special chemical-physical characteristics, it can store the electromagnetic signal of any substance.
Here is the possibility of exploiting this capacity by informing the water with certain frequencies scientifically proven to be beneficial in order to biologically self-generate, alleviate pathologies, or develop certain latent faculties in our body. Extraordinarily effective solutions are not intended to replace traditional medicine, but to synergize with it.
These therapeutic-regenerative programs based on the use of sound frequencies, subliminal music, and informed water are grouped in the protocol called: the KFP Water-Mind Programme.
The author lists and explains the beneficial effects of the different therapeutic solutions based on this protocol and tells the reader how to approach an initial trial in a simple and free way.
A book not to be missed and an opportunity to feel better in body and mind.

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