Fascism Comes to America A Century of Obsession in Politics and Culture

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Fascism Comes to America A Century of Obsession in Politics and Culture
Bruce Kuklick, "Fascism Comes to America: A Century of Obsession in Politics and Culture"
English | ISBN: 0226821463 | 2022 | 264 pages | PDF | 2 MB
A deeply relevant look at what fascism means to Americans.

From the time Mussolini took power in Italy in 1922, Americans have been obsessed with and brooded over the meaning of fascism and how it might migrate to the United States. Fascism Comes to America examines how we have viewed fascism overseas and its implications for our own country. Bruce Kuklick explores the rhetoric of politicians, who have used the language of fascism to smear opponents, and he looks at the discussions of pundits, the analyses of academics, and the displays of fascism in popular culture, including fiction, radio, TV, theater, and film. Kuklick argues that fascism has little informational meaning in the United States, but instead, it is used to denigrate or insult. For example, every political position has been besmirched as fascist. As a result, the term does not describe a phenomenon so much as it denounces what one does not like. Finally, in displaying fascism for most Americans, entertainment-and most importantly film-has been crucial in conveying to citizens what fascism is about.
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