Chant, Liturgy, and the Inheritance of Rome Essays in Honour of Joseph Dyer

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Chant, Liturgy, and the Inheritance of Rome Essays in Honour of Joseph Dyer
Daniel J. DiCenso, Rebecca Maloy, Barbara Haggh, "Chant, Liturgy, and the Inheritance of Rome: Essays in Honour of Joseph Dyer"
English | 2017 | ISBN: 190749734X | PDF | pages: 598 | 54.1 mb
The influence of Rome on medieval plainsong and liturgy explored in depth.

Containing substantial new studies in music, liturgy, history, art history, and palaeography from established and emerging scholars, this volume takes a cross-disciplinary approach to one of the most celebrated and vexing questions about plainsong and liturgy in the Middle Ages: how to understand the influence of Rome? Some essays address this question directly, examining Roman sources, Roman liturgy, or Roman practice, whilst others consider the sway ofRome more indirectly, by looking later sources, received practices, or emerging traditions that owe a foundational debt to Rome.
Daniel J. DiCenso is Assistant Professor of Music at the College of the Holy Cross; Rebecca Maloy is Professor of Musicology at the University of Colorado Boulder.
Contributors: Charles M. Atkinson, Rebecca A. Baltzer, James Borders, Susan Boynton, Catherine Carver, Daniel J. DiCenso, David Ganz, Barbara Haggh-Huglo, David Hiley, Emma Hornby, Thomas Forrest Kelly, William Mahrt, Charles B. McClendon, Luisa Nardini, Edward Nowacki , Christopher Page, Susan Rankin, John F. Romano, Mary E. Wolinski

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