Brilliant NLP What the Most Successful People Know, Say and Do

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Brilliant NLP What the Most Successful People Know, Say and Do
Pat Hutchinson, David Molden, "Brilliant NLP: What the Most Successful People Know, Say and Do"
English | 2006 | ISBN: 0273707892 | 113 pages | EPUB | 2.6 MB
Have you ever wondered how it is that two people faced with the same set of circumstances can produce opposite results? How some people seem to be able to achieve infinitely more than others whilst remaining cool, calm and collected? You may also have noticed how one person can have a tendency for attracting lively vibrant people around them whilst another is very good at attracting moaners and groaners. There are people who just seem to have life sorted out the way they want it, and others who are just surviving, struggling each day with frequent problems and difficulties. We may refer to the more successful people as lucky but is it really luck? Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) shows it's not it's all down to the way we think. The discoveries of two Americans back in the mid-70s, who analysed what it was that made people consistently perform well, have inspired many thousands of people around the world to acquire the skills and attitudes of NLP - and improve their lives as a result. Now Brilliant NLP makes mastering the techniques of NLP easy helping you step by step to see things differently, master your thinking and become more efficient, more effective and more successful, in everything you do.

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