Born Well Prenatal Genetics and the Future of Having Children

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Born Well Prenatal Genetics and the Future of Having Children
Born Well: Prenatal Genetics and the Future of Having Children By Megan A. Allyse, Marsha Michie
2021 | 154 Pages | ISBN: 3030825353 | PDF | 2 MB
This book brings together an international collection of experts in reproductive ethics, law, disabilitystudies, and medicine to explore the challenging future of reproduction and children. From the medicalto the social and from the financial to the legal, the authors explore the expanding impact ofreproductive genetics on our society. New advances in genetic technologies are revolutionizing the practice of reproductive medicine. Wehave expanded our ability to detect genetic changes in embryos and fetuses in ways that potentiallyallow to identify, treat, or prevent a growing range of diseases. The development of gene-editingtechnologies raises questions about the possibility of removing disease-causing variants from embryosbefore pregnancy implantation. The growing sophistication of prenatal genomic sequencing offers usglimpses into the whole genome of the developing fetus. And, the increasingly sophisticated science of'gene matching' allows us greater and greater foreknowledge of how the genomes of two individualswill combine in a future child. This is an indispensable book on the newest developments in bioethicscaused by the sciences.Chapter 5is available open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License via link.springer.com.

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