Bismarck The White Revolutionary Volume 1 1815-1871

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Bismarck The White Revolutionary Volume 1 1815-1871
Lothar Gall, "Bismarck: The White Revolutionary: Volume 1 1815-1871 "
English | ISBN: 0367242680 | 2019 | 418 pages | EPUB | 597 KB
Originally published in English in 1986, these volumes are far more than the story of the life of a powerful statesman. The name Bismarck sums up the entire political, social, economic and intellectual development of central Europe in the second half of the 19th Century and the internal and external shape that Germany then assumed. These books analyse how much of this was Bismarck's personal achievement or whether he was the man who put the nation on the disastrously wrong course that reached its fateful culmination in 1933? They examine whether Bismarck's success was precisely because he implemented policies for which the time was ripe and did so in ways that were in harmony with the historical evolution of central Europe.

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