A Primer on Population Dynamics Modeling

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A Primer on Population Dynamics Modeling
A Primer on Population Dynamics Modeling: Basic Ideas for Mathematical Formulation
English | 2022 | ISBN: 9811960151 | 470 Pages | PDF (True) | 43 MB
This textbook provides an introduction to the mathematical models of population dynamics in mathematical biology. The focus of this book is on the biological meaning/translation of mathematical structures in mathematical models, rather than simply explaining mathematical details and literacies to analyze a model. In some recent usages of the mathematical model simply with computer numerical calculations, the model includes some inappropriate mathematical structure concerning the reasonability of modeling for the biological problem under investigation. For students and researchers who study or use mathematical models, it is important and helpful to understand what mathematical setup could be regarded as reasonable for the model with respect to the relation between the biological factors involved in the assumptions and the mathematical structure of the model.

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