A Cosmopolitan Approach to Literature Against Origins and Destinations

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A Cosmopolitan Approach to Literature Against Origins and Destinations
Didier Coste, "A Cosmopolitan Approach to Literature: Against Origins and Destinations "
English | ISBN: 1032267127 | 2022 | 344 pages | PDF | 25 MB
This cross-disciplinary approach to literary reading of any provenance based on an "experimental cosmopolitan" epistemology de- and recontextualizes the texts from the points of view of multiple cultures and historical moments, enriching interpretation and aesthetic experience beyond the backgrounds of the present reader and the origin of a particular literary discourse. Trusting the authority of an author or an "original" text and ignoring the fundamental plurilingualism of the literary experience obstructs the wealth of cosmopolitan reading in a globalized and fragmented world. A thorough critique of both local and overarching theories in clear dissent from the binaries of "decolonial theory" and the overextension of "nomadic theory" supports a precise research and teaching methodology at variance with past trends of Comparative and World Literature. Considering literature as the aestheticized use of language, which is universal, the many analyses provided can be extrapolated to other genres, eras, and cultural areas.

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