The Secret Life of Corals Sex, War and Rocks that Don't Roll (True PDF)

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The Secret Life of Corals Sex, War and Rocks that Don't Roll (True PDF)
English | 2022 | ISBN: 1604271884 | 273 pages | True PDF | 61.71 MB
When we think of coral reefs we tend to think of beautiful rock-like structures teaming with colorful fish and other marine life. But what exactly are the "corals" in the coral reef? What are these creatures that start out very small and then have the ability to grow large enough to be seen from outer space? Are they animals, plants, microbes, or rocks?

With humor and clarity, David Vaughan takes us on an incredible journey through the secret life of corals to answer these questions, and more. He shines a light on the unlikely partners that comprise actual corals and reveals the curious ways they live, grow, reproduce, protect themselves, and defend their turf. In addition, Vaughan helps us understand why corals are so important for all life—both on land and in the sea. This generational title clearly explains the most pressing environmental threats corals face today, as well as new coral restoration practices that provide hope for their future.
This book is a compelling and fun read and is for everyone interested in the marvelous workings of the natural world. Dive in and prepare to be amazed!

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