Smart Trajectories Metamodeling, Reactive Architecture for Analytics, and Smart Applications

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Smart Trajectories Metamodeling, Reactive Architecture for Analytics, and Smart Applications
English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1032182810 | 352 pages | True PDF | 17.92 MB
This book highlights the developments, discoveries, and practical and advanced experiences related to responsive distributed computing and how it can support the deployment of trajectory-based applications in smart systems. Smart Trajectories: Metamodeling, Reactive Architecture for Analytics and Smart Applications deals with the representation and manipulation of smart trajectories in various applications and scenarios. Presented in three parts, the book first discusses the foundation and principles for spatial information systems, complex event processing, and building a reactive architecture. Next, the book discusses modeling and architecture in relation to smart trajectory metamodeling, mining and big trajectory data, and clustering trajectories. The final section discusses advanced applications and trends in the field, including congestion trajectory analytics and real-time Big Data analytics in cloud ecosystems. Metamodeling, distributed architectures, reactive programming, Big Data analytics, NoSQL databases, connected objects, and edge-fog-cloud computing form the basis of the concepts and applications discussed. The book also presents a number of case studies to demonstrate smart trajectories related to spatiotemporal events such as traffic congestion and pedestrian accidents.

This book is intended for graduate students in computer engineering, spatial databases, complex event processing, distributed systems, and geographical information systems (GIS). The book will also be useful for practicing traffic engineers, city managers, and environmental engineers interested in monitoring and security analysis.

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