Qatar 2022 The Tiny Nation that Dreamed Big

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Qatar 2022 The Tiny Nation that Dreamed Big
English | 2022 | ISBN: 1801503702 | 352 pages | True EPUB | 6.37 MB
Qatar 2022 is an insider's view of the country's ambitious plans for the FIFA 2022 World Cup, and the journey that led them to become the first World Cup hosts in the Arab world. From desert tribes to pearl divers, to being custodians of the third-largest gas reserve in the world, there are many fascinating facets to this great nation. The book reveals how an influx of wealth transformed the country's aspirations to become a global powerhouse. To achieve recognition and regional dominance, Qatar strategically made sport its prime focus before delivering the seemingly impossible and winning the World Cup bid in 2010. There were many stumbling blocks along the way, but Qatar refused to quit. With the eyes of the world turning to Qatar for World Cup 2022, the nation realises this event will be pivotal to how the world perceives it. Knowing Qatar's ability to host events with panache, prepare to be blown away!

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