Methodology in Politeness Research

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Methodology in Politeness Research
English | 2022 | ISBN: 3031091604 | 270 pages | True PDF EPUB | 7.38 MB
This book presents overviews on the specific methods for the study of verbal politeness, which is deeply and constantly involved in our social life. The text offers an original and specific synthesis of traditional and innovative methods for the study of politeness as we conceive it today: as a complex system between the individual microcosm (psychological and cognitive) and the social macrocosm (cultural and relational). The author addresses theoretical and academic issues while exploring various critical points for the future of politeness studies. The reader is provided with a coherent network, which crosses between theory, methods and tools for research. The network results in a wide range of model research that facilitates the practical understanding of the potential for each data collection technique. This monograph offers representative examples of studies of various languages and cultures and appeals to students, researchers and professionals within the field.

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