Hybrid Cloud Security Patterns Leverage modern repeatable architecture patterns to secure your workloads

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Hybrid Cloud Security Patterns Leverage modern repeatable architecture patterns to secure your workloads
English | 2022 | ISBN: 1803233583 | 252 pages | True EPUB | 11.86 MB
Understand unique security patterns related to identity and access management, infrastructure, data and workload protection, compliance and posture management, and zero trust for your hybrid cloud deployments

Key Features
Secure cloud infrastructure, applications, data, and shift left security to create DevSecOps
Explore patterns for continuous security, automated threat detection and accelerated incident response
Leverage hybrid cloud security patterns for protecting critical data using a zero trust model
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Book Description
Security is a primary concern for enterprises going through digital transformation and accelerating their journey to multi-cloud environments. This book recommends a simple pattern-based approach to architecting, designing and implementing security for workloads deployed on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud.
The book discusses enterprise modernization trends and related security opportunities and challenges. You'll understand how to implement identity and access management for your cloud resources and applications. Later chapters discuss patterns to protect cloud infrastructure (compute, storage and network) and provide protection for data at rest, in transit and in use. You'll also learn how to shift left and include security in the early stages of application development to adopt DevSecOps. The book also deep dives into threat monitoring, configuration and vulnerability management, and automated incident response. Finally, you'll discover patterns to implement security posture management backed with intelligence and automated protection to stay ahead of threats.
By the end of this book, you'll have learned all the hybrid cloud security patterns and be able to use them to create zero trust architecture that provides continuous security and compliance for your cloud workloads.
What you will learn
Address hybrid cloud security challenges with a pattern-based approach
Manage identity and access for users, services, and applications
Use patterns for secure compute, network isolation, protection, and connectivity
Protect data at rest, in transit and in use with data security patterns
Understand how to shift left security for applications with DevSecOps
Manage security posture centrally with CSPM
Automate incident response with SOAR
Use hybrid cloud security patterns to build a zero trust security model
Who this book is for
The book is for cloud solution architects, security professionals, cloud engineers, and DevOps engineers, providing prescriptive guidance on architecture and design patterns for protecting their data and securing applications deployed on hybrid cloud environments. Basic knowledge of different types of cloud providers, cloud deployment models, and cloud consumption models is expected.

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