Advanced Materials and Components for 5G and Beyond

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Advanced Materials and Components for 5G and Beyond
English | 2022 | ISBN: 303117206X | 276 pages | True PDF EPUB | 91.74 MB
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the current status and future trends of materials and component design for fifth-generation (5G) wireless communications and beyond. Necessitated by rapidly increasing numbers of mobile devices and data volumes, and acting as a driving force for innovation in information technology, 5G networks are broadly characterized by ubiquitous connectivity, extremely low latency, and very high-speed data transfer. Such capabilities are facilitated by nanoscale and massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO) with extreme base station and device densities, as well as unprecedented numbers of antennas. This book covers semiconductor solutions for 5G electronics, design and performance enhancement for 5G antennas, high frequency PCB materials and design requirements, materials for high frequency filters, EMI shielding materials and absorbers for 5G systems, thermal management materials and components, and protective packaging and sealing materials for 5G devices. It explores fundamental physics, design, and engineering aspects, as well as the full array of state-of-the-art applications of 5G-and-beyond wireless communications. Future challenges and potential trends of 5G-and-beyond applications and related materials technologies are also addressed. Throughout this book, illustrations clarify core concepts, techniques, and processes. At the end of each chapter, references serve as a gateway to the primary literature in the field. This book is essential reading for today's students, scientists, engineers and professionals who want to understand the current status and future trends in materials advancement and component design in 5G and beyond, and acquire skills for selecting and using materials and 5G component design that takes economic and regulatory aspects into account.

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