Variational Calculus

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Variational Calculus
Variational Calculus
English | 2022 | ISBN: 3031183061 | 284 Pages | PDF (True) | 4.2 MB
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the Calculus of Variations and its use in modelling mechanics and physics problems. Presenting a geometric approach to the subject, it progressively guides the reader through this very active branch of mathematics, accompanying key statements with a huge variety of exercises, some of them solved. Stressing the need to overcome limitations of the initial point of view, and emphasising the interconnectivity of various branches of mathematics (algebra, analysis and geometry), the book includes some advanced material to challenge the most motivated students. Systematic, short historical notes provide details on the subject's odyssey, and how new tools have been developed over the last two centuries. This English translation updates a set of notes for a course first given at the École polytechnique in 1987. It will be accessible to graduate students and advanced undergraduates.

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