Unsolved Mysteries of the Ancient World (Revised second edition) The great mystical ways of the ancients

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Unsolved Mysteries of the Ancient World (Revised second edition) The great mystical ways of the ancients
Unsolved Mysteries of the Ancient World (Revised second edition): The great mystical ways of the ancients by Gina T. Gibbons
English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08DZ4XL3V | 345 pages | EPUB | 2.26 Mb
This is a revised edition, it added some of the most new and interesting materials. We will meet with the mysteries of earthly satellites, learn about the theory of the multiplicity of worlds and visit the forgotten battlefields.

We like to feel superior to the people who lived thousands of years ago, when they huddled in their squalid dugouts and drilled each other's skulls. But we must give them their due: they leave behind themselves such artifacts, over which modern scientists continue to wrestle with.
Despite the fact that science has stepped forward, and we have a variety of technologies, the greatest minds of the planet still cannot solve some riddles and secrets of the past.
The mysterious and the unknown will always arouse people's interest. From this book you will learn about the most unusual secrets of the earth and the universe, nature and man, the history of several millennia. You will receive a story about the mysteries of the past, such as Atlantis and the stone colossi of Egypt, the tomb of St. Peter and the Shroud of Turin.
For a wide range of readers.
Extended part:
Mysterious Earth Satellite
Underwater World: Quakers
Secret codes in masterpieces
Witch Land
Pennsylvania Jingle Stones
The ancient cunning of emerald
The Stradivarius Secret
Mystery of Gioconda
Egypt's doubtful secrets
Mysteries of African deserts
Main part:
Ancient underwater civilizations
Are there parallel universes?
Theory of Multiplicity of Worlds
Talking stone in Belarus
Secrets of the golden treasures of Russia
People with two hearts
The Mystery of the "Golden Suitcase"
Healer Francis Schlatter
Who steals our land?
Unknown forces on the battlefield
Underground inhabitants
Mysterious burial
Santa Cruz - Ship Eater
Who lives in the underground labyrinths of Tibet?
Hyperborea - the country of flying magicians
Mysterious Mojave Desert Land
How to become immortal?
Solving the mystery of longevity
Missing planes
Is pagan deity or UFO?
Martian language of Eliza Muller
Was there an intelligent life before us?
Mysterious invisible people
Great clairvoyant
Dolmens like stone telescopes
Secrets of Filipino healers
Why did Babylon perish?
Enchanted valley
Mysterious gorge Ala-Archa
Antarctic Secrets
The Blood of Saint Januarius
The death of the Titanic. Rock or conspiracy
Hints on the existence of Higher beings
Revenge of the dead shamans
Secrets of the Tungus invasion
Mysterious radio pulses from the depths of space
The Bible - the genetic code of the universe
Race of Dragons: Why do we worship snakes?
Can a planet be alive?
Sell the rain: The man who caused the rain
Sage or witch
Mysteries of Siberia
Eldorado - a city of unspeakable wealth
Matterhorn: Killer Mountain
The story of the "Silver City"

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