Unknown Secrets and Mysteries of the Past Centuries (Extended edition) The great mystical ways of the ancients

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Unknown Secrets and Mysteries of the Past Centuries (Extended edition) The great mystical ways of the ancients
Unknown Secrets and Mysteries of the Past Centuries (Extended edition): The great mystical ways of the ancients by Gina T. Gibbons
English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08L9Q7G7Y | 175 pages | EPUB | 0.40 Mb
In the extended edition of the book "Unknown Secrets of the Past Centuries" we will get acquainted with the secrets of meteor craters, learn about the phenomenon of reincarnation and try to understand the origin of life in the universe.

This edition is amended and supplemented.
Did Atlantis exist? Why did everyone who went into Tutankhamen's tomb perish? Who built Stonehenge? Could Christ be saved? Was not socialism the most ancient social system? A richly illustrated book introduces us to the world of ancient history, where exciting adventures coexist with tragedies, and incredible discoveries await literally at every turn. The book in a lively and fascinating form tells about the most interesting and exciting mysteries of history and archeology, about the mysteries of the dead cities and lost civilizations.
We offer a unique collection of stories that will open up the exciting pages of the past, full of struggle of passions, greed, betrayal, unrestrained desires, stupidity, recklessness, madness and brutal murders - all that so often changes the course of human history and leaves to bewildered descendants a real maze of secrets and riddles, over which scientists are still puzzled.
This book is intended for a wide range of readers.
Extended part:
The phenomenal world of Hambo Lama Itigelov
Riddles of meteor craters
Is the universe alive?
Flying Coffin of Mahomet
Why put megaliths?
Secrets and legends of Odessa
Main part:
Strange air crash
The Mystery of the Gioconda
Mystery of Tibetan Granite Discs
Mysteries of Hypnosis
Mystery of Albert Einstein
Evzapia Palladino - the lady of the spirits
Where does the soul go?
Four-dimensional space
Gargoyles from the roofs
The number seven and his secret
Incredible Mystical Artifacts
Oak Island
Alternative Theories of the Origin of Life
The phenomenon of wandering graves
Secrets of amnesia
Secrets of numbers
A nightmare named dream
Mysterious religious artifacts
The mystery of the ship "Glomar Explorer"
Mysterious moon
Mystery of the Eternal Book
Meetings at the crossroads of the Worlds
Sacrifice, Indo-European Tradition and Modern Druidism
Distant relatives of the Earth

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