Tutankhamun, The Egyptian king and the tomb

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Tutankhamun, The Egyptian king and the tomb
Tutankhamun, The Egyptian king and the tomb: The untold History of the king and the tomb with His relationship with Akhenaten by Darius khafra
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BMGYDMBH | 67 pages | EPUB | 0.15 Mb
The life of Tutankhamun, the rediscovery of his existence, and the long-lasting ramifications of finding his tomb are shown in an original work of art by a leading Egyptologist.

Thanks to the magnificent tomb discovery in 1922, which almost totally eclipsed the young king's real career, Tutankhamun has an afterlife. The life of Tutankhamun is chronicled in this reliable yet accessible book from the fourteenth century BC, when he was alive, until the present. It investigates the many theories of his parentage, his involvement in the "counter-reformation" that followed Akhenaten's theological upheaval, and his tragic end. It also looks at the major ministers the king appointed, the monuments built during his reign, and the arrangements made for his burial.
The Egyptian King Tutankhamun reflects on his erasure from history as time goes on. Tutankhamun's name could once again be read after the first hieroglyphs were decoded in the early nineteenth century AD, and Egyptologists started debating the question of where he fits into history. Aidan Dodson follows various solutions as additional facts came to light over time, which ultimately led to the discovery of the king's tomb. As spectacular as that find was, many aspects of Tutankhamun are still unknown, even with the use of DNA data. The discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb led to the first of several "Tut-mania" outbursts, some of which are explored in artistic expression.

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