The United States and the World From Imitation to Challenge

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The United States and the World From Imitation to Challenge
The United States and the World: From Imitation to Challenge By Andrzej Mania (editor), Łukasz Wordliczek (editor)
2010 | 364 Pages | ISBN: 8323329524 | PDF | 2 MB
The effect of the conference is reflected in the contributions that follow in this volume and in the rich, interdisciplinary debate over the American impact on the world, integration in Pax Americana and patterns of integration in other parts of the world, different and/or similar approaches to challenges to international order, and last but not least the issue of continuity and change in politics. Here one also needs to mention the ever-present debate on the American "export" of values: separation of church and state, human rights, the idea of sovereignty, the rule of separation of powers, modern federalism, democratization approaches, Americanism, American Studies dilemmas, American exceptionalism, uniqueness in contemporary American society, and patterns in foreign policy.

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