The Mongol Empire [2 volumes] A Historical Encyclopedia

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The Mongol Empire [2 volumes] A Historical Encyclopedia
Timothy May, "The Mongol Empire [2 volumes]: A Historical Encyclopedia"
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1610693396 | PDF | pages: 678 | 5.6 mb
In the 13th century, Chinggis Khan rose to power, leading an empire of a million people and defeating surrounding regions with much larger populations. This compendium follows the achievements―and failures―of the Mongol Empire from the birth of Chinggis Khan in 1162 to the formation of the successor states that came from the dissolution of the world power in the 16th century: the Yuan Empire in East Asia; the Chaghatai Khanate in Central Asia; the Ilkhanate in the Middle East; and the Jochid or Kipchak Khanate in the Pontic-Caspian Steppes, known as the Golden Horde.

Through some 180 entries, this two-volume set covers every aspect of Mongol civilization, organizing content into eight sections: government and politics, organization and administration, individuals, groups and organizations, key events, military, objects and artifacts, and key places. Each section is accompanied by an essay introducing the topic in the context of the Mongol Empire. The work also includes a chronology, a number of annotated primary documents, and a bibliography.

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