The Big Book of Improv Games A compendium of performance-based short-form games

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The Big Book of Improv Games A compendium of performance-based short-form games
Andrew Spragge, Karen Eichler, "The Big Book of Improv Games: A compendium of performance-based short-form games"
English | 2021 | ASIN: B09FKVG22C | 461 pages | EPUB | 0.86 MB
What would you do with over 500 improv games?

Would you like to own the most comprehensive collection ever published?
Who do you know that loves improv?
The product of years of research, The Big Book of Improv Games will amaze you as you flip through it, discovering page after page of performance-based games, many that will be completely new to you!
Are you ready to become an Improv Powerhouse?
Feed your passion for improv, go beyond the basics, and turn good improv into great improv with The Big Book of Improv Games! You'll discover over 500 ways to make stuff up, along with full, expert descriptions, tips, and variations so complete anyone from beginner to expert can pick up the book, read through any game, and play it with confidence!
Games are divided into convenient categories, making it easy for you to design an entertaining, varied play set for your show, jam, or practice:
Scene Games
Quirky Games
Non-Scene Games
Guessing Games
Singing Games
Step-Out Games
Games are cross-referenced with similar games so you can find new favorites to try! Also included are helpful appendices, including:
Glossary of Improv Terms
Also Known As (alternate names for many games)
Named Variations
Game Categories (to help plan your show)
Audience Member Games
Dick Chudnow, Founder of ComedySportz calls The Big Book of Improv Games "A must-have for any improv actor or improv instructor!"

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