The American Dream is Passive Income

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The American Dream is Passive Income
The American Dream is Passive Income: The True Dream is Freedom of Time and Having Unlimited Options by Joshua King
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BM9GH9CB | 70 pages | EPUB | 2.68 Mb
Do you believe the American Dream is being wealthy on a yacht? That may be true; however, the true American Dream is freedom of time and unlimited options.

To reach this dream, you will need a ton of money. Not just a lot of money in the bank, but a recurring stream of income coming in without working.
We call this revenue Passive Income. Passive income gives you the leverage you need to buy back your time and gives you as many options as you'd like.
Can you build passive income while working a job? Sure, but it won't be easy. There is nothing passive about creating passive income.
However, you'll be surprised at how fast things compound once you put your assets in motion. You are one step away from starting your journey, and that step is financial education. Good Luck!

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