The Agile Brand Guide to Customer Data Platforms

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The Agile Brand Guide to Customer Data Platforms
The Agile Brand Guide to Customer Data Platforms: Evaluating, buying, and implementing a CDP for marketers (Agile Brand Guides) by Greg Kihlstrom
English | September 15, 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0BBBDSX6C | 66 pages | EPUB | 0.66 Mb
The current marketing technology landscape has thousands of platforms, with a continually growing set of feature sets, functionality, and potential. It is becoming increasingly difficult to determine how to approach marketing technology growth in the best and most relevant way.

Agile Brand Guides are created to help marketers evaluate, buy, and implement critical pieces of marketing technology infrastructure most effectively.
Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are increasingly important in a marketing landscape where one-to-one personalization based on a customers behaviors and preference is key to achieving long-term customers. This, balanced with an increased need for data privacy and transparency over how customer data is used, make CDPs a critical part of a brand's marketing technology infrastructure.
In this first Agile Brand Guide, Customer Data Platforms are explored and demystified. The Agile Brand Guide to Customer Data Platforms: Evaluating, Buying, and Implementing a CDP for Marketers by Greg Kihlstrцm is now available in print as an ebook.
The book explores marketers' need for a Customer Data Platform, as well as the roles a CDP should play, the different types on the market, as well as how to evaluate and implement a platform once you have selected it.
Drawing on Kihlstrцm's experience working with top organizations, and his ongoing conversations with leaders in the marketing technology industry as part of his award-winning podcast, The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlstrцm, this guide to CDPs provides insights, ideas, and guidance for marketers of all experience levels as they work to successfully implement Customer Data Platforms in their organizations.

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