The Off-Grid Bible 3-in-1 Companion to Self-Sufficient Living

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The Off-Grid Bible  3-in-1 Companion to Self-Sufficient Living
The Off-Grid Bible
* 3-in-1 Companion to Self-Sufficient Living: From the Grounds of your homestead to the solar panels on your roof. The Only Guide You'll Ever Need for your Back-to-Basics Journey by Tom Mayer

English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0B7FFM8PS | 630 pages | EPUB | 6.16 Mb

Do you dream of living surrounded by nature, relying only on your strengths and wits to survive, finally freed from the cage of soulless, polluted, overcrowded cities?
Are you looking for a complete guide on how to live off the grid, in a self-sufficient house you built, thriving on the food you produced?
Living off the grid is by no means a walk in the park, you will have to arrange for your own energy, food, and water production, figure out how to deal with waste management, security, and shelter, and learn how to live completely isolated from society and the luxuries we have grown accustomed to. It may seem daunting and down-right impossible, it may even be the reason you haven't tried yet. But, don't be discouraged!
I am proud to present The Off-Grid Bible: 3-in-1 Companion to Self-Sufficient Livingan in-depth, all-encompassing 3 books in 1 bundle that covers everything you will need to know about the ins-and-outs of a simplified off the grid existence.
More exhaustive than any other guide on the market, thoroughly researched, and written with ease of use in mind, this book will accompany you from choosing the perfect location to building a green home, from energy production (with a book on off-grid solar power!) to conserving and heating water, from planting to harvesting in your food forest, 1-acre garden, or orchard, from raising livestock to saving seeds, with easy DIY projects and life-saving tips, for beginners and experts alike.
In the first volume you will discover:How to get out of debt, save money, and reclaim your tranquility and freedom by living off the gridHow to build a self-sustaining home6 clever system to produce energyHow to save and conserve water, and how to heat it (because living off the grid doesn't mean living a life of hardship!)A most stinky issue: waste managementHow to heal common ailments the natural way with over 100 healing herbsHow to deal with an emergency with a 72-hour emergency preparedness kitLast, but not least: communication and security to deal with the outside world and much, much more
In the second volume you will find:How to eat like a king with your own self-produced food1-acre garden planning and food forests for an efficient and sustainable homesteadThe basics of growing an orchardSeed saving and composting (including home-grown soil amendments!)How to raise livestock with 7 animals easy to care forEverything you need to know about preserving food: from canning to making your own cheese10 DIY projects in recycled materialsHow to store, salt, and dry meat, how to make your own medicine, saw your own clothes, do laundry and much, much more for the perfect self-sufficient and sustainable homestead
In the third volume you will discover:How to deal with the most important issue: energy!The perfect DIY off-grid solar power systemBasic circuitry for total novicesThe easy way to calculate your loadEvery tool and component you will needA special chapter on mobile solar power systems (on page 220)The last step: how to wire the system!
You are ready to take the first step towards a simpler fuller life, you just need a guide to walk you through the bumpy road towards a self-sufficient existence.

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