Step by Step Guide on How to Use Google Classroom

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Step by Step Guide on How to Use Google Classroom
Step by Step Guide on How to Use Google Classroom by RAZAQ ADEKUNLE
English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08PVT8HWM | 115 pages | EPUB | 0.18 Mb
Looking for a positive relationship between student and teacher during a time of distance and lack of connection in person?

In need of a guidebook to improve your understanding of virtual learning.
You are probably using a platform like Google Classroom already, but do you know the most productive ways to build a well-structured presence in the classroom?
There's now a market for great online teachers due to the rise in online learning. A groundbreaking guide to modern hybrid and online education systems is Google Classroom: The Ultimate Guide for Teachers and Students with the Latest Changes for Successful Learning. Robert Twain, an experienced trainer, drills deep into the relevance of online learning resources such as Google Classroom during a global pandemic.
There are currently 1.2 billion children worldwide impacted by in-person school closures in 186 countries. The trend of online learning continues to grow, so it is important to know which of the most profitable outcomes will be decisive resources and platforms.
The philosophy and methods of effective online teaching vary greatly from those used face-to-face. Step by step, Twain advises the reader on how to use Google Classroom while offering the best tips and practices for engaging students and creating the most productive learning environment. This book gives teachers and parents a nuance about how to easily incorporate technology into the life of their student and or child.
In this book you will discover:
Classroom Management and Organization - When it comes to class management and student success, the instructor should help to think of the driver of a vehicle, who must adapt to the needs of travelers in order to ensure that they meet their goal.
The beginners guide to Google Classroom - This is based on Google Docs and Google Drive, which ensures that any teacher can use it very quickly and intuitively
How to use Google Classroom for Effective Learning - Is Google's free web service for schools, its goal is to simplify the development, delivery, and classification of tasks on a paperless basis. The main objective of Google Classroom is to simplify the process of file sharing between teachers and students.
Interactive Reading for the Google Classroom - Reading ability forms the basis for all other areas of content and knowledge. With the aid of Google Classroom, teachers can integrate engaging student reading lessons to create supportive, fun, and engaging learning environment.
Google Classroom: Practice and Reflections - Students may seem to be highly motivated and interested in the content when introducing new technology into their classrooms. However, this motivation and interest can also decrease quickly. Teachers should strive throughout the course to maintain their motivation.
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