Quantum Physics for BeginnersD

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Quantum Physics for BeginnersD
Quantum Physics for Beginners: KISS 'n Tell - A Keep It Simple Short Tale, To Understand The Secrets And The Fundamental Laws Of The Universe Through Its Compelling Story. Almost No Math Involved! by Karing Ship
English | January 2, 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09PKW6JLV | 144 pages | MOBI | 2.50 Mb
Are you wondering how everything works?

Would you like to understand how the Laws of the Universe govern our lives?
Would you like to learn about Quantum Physics in a simple way even if you are not a Math Geek?
If so, I highly recommend you keep on reading!
Quantum Physics is as fascinating as it is complex and often (seemingly) illogical. However, it is currently the only Science that succeeds in explaining the phenomena that govern the Life of the Universe.
How then to approach it without becoming overwhelmed by it?
It is simple: just read this book! It was written by a Real Expert, who has been dedicated to popularizing science for years.
In fact, Antonio Scalisi has a degree in Physics and has been a Researcher in Particle Physics at prestigious Institutes such as CERN in Geneva and Fermilab in Chicago.
The Author will take you by the hand and reveal, through a fascinating journey, all the Secrets of Quantum Theories.
Thanks also to simple diagrams and experiments that you can easily reproduce, you will see that it is not all as complex as it seems.
Without the need to solve any Mathematical Equations!
These are just some of the topics covered:How Science works and what's its real goalThe premises to be able to understand Quantum PhysicsThe Discovery of Electromagnetic Waves - We are all Waves!The Wave Theory of LightThe Dualism Wave ParticleSchrödinger's Paradox: How can his cat be alive and dead at the same time?Quantum Entanglement and Parallel UniversesPractical applications in our daily lives
But there is much more!
Don't miss your chance to understand Quantum Physics in the simplest and most in-depth way!

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