Practical UX Writing and Intuitive Microcopy Workbook

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Practical UX Writing and Intuitive Microcopy Workbook
Practical UX Writing and Intuitive Microcopy Workbook: The Beginner-to-Professional Guide to Learning Strategic and Converting UX Research and Writing by BRIAN OBODEZE
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0B61GBXZJ | 105 pages | EPUB | 3.00 Mb
Practical UX Writing

UX writing is the art and science that deals solely with improving user experience. It comprises numerous branches such as voice, tone, and branding which are usually depicted in the company style guide-providing companies with competitive advantages in terms of improving the user interface, increasing engagement, value addition, and conversion. Modern UX writing goes beyond the basics of CTAs, error messages, placeholders, and others. UX writers are required to know more-to delve deep into research design and to understand the rudiments of intuitive and branded microcopy. Practical UX Writing and Intuitive Microcopy Workbook provide an in-depth guide to learning UX writing from the basics to professional levels. It contains lessons, examples, imagery, and practical assignments suited for teaching both teams and individuals about the processes and principles of UX writing and how to become a professional content strategist. You will learn how to research and create excellent microcopies as well as design processes, utilizing minimal resources and technology.

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