Plant-Based Eating Whole Food, High Protein, On-Budget Recipes

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Plant-Based Eating Whole Food, High Protein, On-Budget Recipes
Plant-Based Eating: Whole Food, High Protein, On-Budget Recipes, Hints for Keeping your Body's pH Alkaline, Boosting your Immune System, Strength, and Focus by bubbly Co press
English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09LYRVZJD | 202 pages | EPUB | 3.54 Mb
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Are you actually going through your days with enough energy and a positive mood?
Have you ever considered changing the relationship with the food you eat?
Is your daily feeding made of dairy, processed fats, soda drinks, and animal-based food?
This beginner's guide is recommended for those who want to experience plant-based and whole-food nutrition, to quick meal prep with healthy fats and high protein content from veggies and seeds, thereby getting alkaline body pH.
Nowadays, the PBWF diet is catching millions of followers worldwide basically because people testify that they feel better, more light-hearted, and in a more positive mood while also being more sustainable for our planet.
This guide is meant to lead you on a new path of slow, safe, and happy eating:
✓ Healthy fats and High Protein quick meal prep
✓ Cost-effective recipes ready in less than 30 minutes
✓ Easy to find Ingredients in your local faithful grocery.
PBWF Diet insight:
✓ 28-day meal plan to switch effortlessly to a plant-based nutritional journey.
✓ PBWF diet, simple tips to keep our body alkaline
✓ Healthy GUT 'evidence and solutions to keep it well
✓ What is pH, and why it's essential to master
✓ How to gain alkalized body in an easy and effective way
✓ Friendly Ingredients to include and unfriendly it is better to avoid
✓ Organized pantry, what store, when freeze, and where stock the ingredients
✓ Whole-Food Plant-Based more effective plus Intermittent fasting
✓ Bonus: 9 herbal restorative infusions recipes
...and much more

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