How to draw characters

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How to draw characters
How to draw characters
by Mitch Leeuwe
English | 2019 | ISBN: n/a | 110 Pages | True PDF | 21.2 MB

In this book I show and explain what I know about character design. It's great to be able to design your own characters. This is something that is very powerful. Because you can create your own intellectual property. You can create your own characters for an animated movie, tv show, video game, children's book, commercial and so on. You can also start creating your own stories and create characters for it. I do think people often forget how powerful it is to be able to draw your own ideas on paper, don't underestimate that! I work as a freelance artist and character design is a big part of my job. I designed characters for toys and commercials and currently, I'm working on designs for a children's tv-show. This made me realize it's really useful for companies to have someone who can translate their ideas to characters on paper.

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