EMP Electromagnetic Pulse Discover How To Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Pulse When It Destroys Our Grid

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EMP Electromagnetic Pulse Discover How To Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Pulse When It Destroys Our Grid
Bobby Bear, "EMP Electromagnetic Pulse: Discover How To Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Pulse When It Destroys Our Grid"
English | 2020 | ASIN: B086VNYQN2, B086PLXYSY | EPUB | pages: 210 | 0.5 mb
If you are looking for a guide to discover the principles behind electromagnetic pulses, then keep reading...

Electromagnetic pulses are created by nuclear explosions. North Korea is actively threatening to test nuclear bombs and releasing radiation into the environment. If North Korea tested a nuclear bomb near the US, the electromagnetic pulses could potentially stop all the electrical devices in the United States. The electromagnetic pulse produces a burst of radiation.
Scientists strongly feel that if North Korea fires off a nuclear weapon, it will cause an electromagnetic pulse. The electromagnetic pulse could not only destroy electronic devices but could also wipe out a significant portion of the population in the United States in one blow. We need to be proactive and protect our homes with survival techniques, so we can survive the very real likelihood of these attacks.
A sign that an area, region, or country is affected by EMP is when all electronic devices shut down at once. When there are many electromagnetic pulses occur at the same time, they can physically destroy a large number of computer devices, cell phones, and other devices due to the sudden buildup of magnetism. Power transformers would be impacted as well causing blackouts throughout the country, even in areas that weren't directly affected by the blast as they will be taken down because they are connected to the same grid.
The severity of the nuclear explosion will depend on the height of where the bomb was dropped. The electromagnetic pulse can be of low frequency and can be of high ultraviolet wavelengths. The US military considers a detonated warhead of this type extremely hazardous. North Korea has threatened numerous times to detonate this type of warhead near the US. When detonated, this warhead could kill millions of people if done in the right place. It is known as HEMP or high-altitude electromagnetic pulse. In addition, the effects of HEMP on the earth could interact with the Earth's magnetic field, causing unknown damage in the long run.
This book covers the following topics:
- What is Electromagnetic Pulses?
- Nuclear EMP, CME and RF Weapons
- History of Electromagnetic Pulse
- Ground Zero of an EMP
- Effects of an EMP
- Preparing for an EMP attack
- Preparation at Home
- What are the uses of a Faraday Cage?
- Construct a Simple Faraday Cage
- Is EMP a Real Threat?
- How to survive an EMP attack?
- Shielded Cables, Cabinets and Accessories
- What defense is there from EMP?
- Bugging Out of Town
- The Worst-Case Scenario
- Surviving
...And much more
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