Climate and Hydrology in Mountain Areas

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Climate and Hydrology in Mountain Areas
Climate and Hydrology in Mountain Areas By
2005 | 331 Pages | ISBN: 0470858141 | PDF | 35 MB
A comprehensive overview ofinteraction ofthe major hydrological and meteorological processes in mountain areas ie Cryosphere and Climatic Change, Snow Melt and Soil Water, Run-off and Floods, Water fluxes and Water Balance, Hydro-meteorological Coupling and Modelling. Each section will reviewrecent research in the field and illustrate key interactions with case studies from mountainous regions in Europe, The Americas and Central Asia.Content: Chapter 1 Alpine Climate Change and Cryospheric Responses: An Introduction (pages 1-4): Roger G. BarryChapter 2 Use of Positive Degree?Day Methods for Calculating Snow and Ice Melting and Discharge in Glacierized Basins in the Langtang Valley, Central Nepal (pages 5-14): Rijan B. Kayastha, Yutaka Ageta and Koji FujitaChapter 3 Surface Energy Balance of High Altitude Glaciers in the Central Andes: The Effect of Snow Penitentes (pages 15-27): Javier G. Corripio and Ross S. PurvesChapter 4 Using Subgrid Parameterisation and a Forest Canopy Climate Model for Improving Forecasts of Snowmelt Runoff (pages 29-44): Ulrich Strasser and Pierre EtcheversChapter 5 Assessment of Snow?Covered Areas Using Air Temperatures During Melt in a Mountainous Basin (pages 45-55): Pratap Singh and Lars BengtssonChapter 6 Permafrost Monitoring in High Mountain Areas Using a Coupled Geophysical and Meteorological Approach (pages 57-71): Christian Hauck, Daniel Vonder Muhll and Martin HoelzleChapter 7 Effects of Frozen Soil on the Groundwater Recharge in Alpine Areas (pages 73-83): Daniel Bayard and Manfred StahliChapter 8 Water Balance in Surface Soil: Analytical Solutions of Flow Equations and Measurements in the Alpine Toce Valley (pages 85-100): Marilena Menziani, Sergio Pugnaghi, Sergio Vincenzi and Renato SantangeloChapter 9 Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity and Water Retention Relationships for Alpine Mountain Soils (pages 101-121): Stefano Barontini, Alberto Clerici, Roberto Ranzi and Baldassare BacchiChapter 10 Water Balance Modeling with Fuzzy Parameterizations: Application to An Alpine Catchment (pages 123-146): Gerald Eder, Hans?Peter Nachtnebel and Murugesu SivapalanChapter 11 Water Relations of an Old?Growth Douglas Fir Stand (pages 147-159): Timothy E. Link, Gerald N. Flerchinger, Mike Unsworth and Danny MarksChapter 12 Comparison of Evapotranspiration and Condensation Measurements between the Giant Mountains and the Alps (pages 161-183): Carmen De Jong, Marco Mundelius and Krzysztof MigalaChapter 13 Climatologic and Hydrologic Coupling in the Ecology of Norwegian High Mountain Catchments (pages 185-214): Jorg Loffler and Ole Ro?lerChapter 14 Runoff and Floods in the Alps: An Overview (pages 215-220): Baldassare Bacchi and Vigilio VilliChapter 15 The Use of Coupled Meteorological and Hydrological Models for Flash Flood Simulation (pages 221-232): Charles A. Lin, Lei Wen, Diane Chaumont and Michel BelandChapter 16 Operational Weather Radar Assessment of Convective Precipitation as an Input to Flood Modelling in Mountainous Basins (pages 233-246): Stefan Uhlenbrook and Doerthe TetzlaffChapter 17 Geomorphological Zoning: An Improvement to Coupling Alpine Hydrology and Meteorology? (pages 247-260): Carmen De Jong, Peter Ergenzinger, Martin Borufka, Arne Kocher and Martin DresenChapter 18 The Influence of Glacier Retreat on Water Yield from High Mountain Areas: Comparison of Alps and Central Asia (pages 261-275): Wilfried Hagg and Ludwig BraunChapter 19 Snowmelt under Different Temperature Increase Scenarios in the Swiss Alps (pages 277-289): Franziska Keller and Stephane GoyetteChapter 20 Climate Variability, Water Resources, and Hydrologic Extremes - Modeling the Water and Energy Budgets (pages 291-306): Osman Yildiz and Ana P. Barros

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