Chess Strategy Short Games How to Beat Intermediate Chess Players

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Chess Strategy Short Games How to Beat Intermediate Chess Players
Chess Strategy Short Games: How to Beat Intermediate Chess Players by Tim Sawyer
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09WMKVJ4Q | 206 pages | EPUB | 4.17 Mb
This Short Games chess book shows how to win quickly in 10 moves or less. This book is purely for entertainment value. Tim Sawyer illustrates chess strategy from 100 games with 100 diagrams he won vs intermediate players on chess.com. All are 10-minute blitz games in this chess miniatures book.

The opponents fall for a variety of chess traps and tactical tricks. You can win fast when opponents make mistakes. Learn from these chess short games Tim played during a 10 month period in 2021-2022. Opening theory and endgame knowledge help your play, but tactics win most games.
The author uses strategy for many comments to explain what's going on. He follows any of these steps. 1. Describe the current position. 2. Imagine how to improve it. 3. Plan how to get there.
Tim picks a key position every few moves to make a comment. His plan is for you to browse through the book, look at the diagrams and read the comments with ease.
For those who prefer to read quickly, you can skim through the book from diagram to diagram. Note the change from the previous diagram and read any notes that interest you.
Sometimes a line of chess engine analysis is added. You may wish to work out those lines in your head, or just note that there was an alternative way to play and keep reading.
Tim Sawyer played chess for 50 years. As a Postal Chess Master, his usual opponents were rated 1800 to 2400. However, opponents in this book are often lower to intermediate. Tim's peak Internet Chess Club blitz rating was 2492.
The author assumes that you can read algebraic chess notation. The diagrams have White at the bottom of the board. Thank you for reading. Enjoy this one!

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