Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds Thiophene and its Derivatives, Volume 3

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Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds Thiophene and its Derivatives, Volume 3
Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: Thiophene and its Derivatives, Volume 3 By
2007 | 540 Pages | ISBN: 047037554X | PDF | 24 MB
Content: Chapter I General Discussion (pages 1-28): Chapter II Biological and Pharmacological Activity of Thiophene and its Derivatives (pages 29-46): F. F. BlickeChapter III Synthesis and Physical Properties of Thiophene and its Homologs (pages 47-80): Chapter IV Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy of Thiophene and its Derivatives (pages 81-142): Frank P. HochgesangChapter V Factors Affecting Substitution Reactions in the Thiophene Nucleus (pages 143-158): Chapter VI Alkylation, Polymerization, Hydrogenation and Miscellaneous Reactions of Thiophene (pages 159-172): Chapter VII Halothiophenes and Haloalkylthiophenes (pages 173-218): Chapter VIII The Nitro? and Aminothiophenes (pages 219-240): Chapter IX Thiophene Compounds Containing Nitrogen in the Side Chain (pages 241-286): Chapter X Hydroxythiophenes, Thienylalkanols, Alkoxythiophenes, and Thienylalkyl ethers (pages 287-306): Chapter XI Aldo and Keto Derivatives of Thiophene (pages 307-362): Chapter XII Carboxy Derivatives of Thiophene (pages 363-416): Chapter XIII Sulfur Derivatives of Thiophene (pages 417-438): Chapter XIV Metal and Miscellaneous Metalloid Derivatives of Thiophene (pages 439-458): Chapter XV Synthesis and Properties of Di? and Polythienyls and Arylthiophenes. (pages 459-478): Chapter XVI Selenophene, Tetrahydroselenophene, Tellurophene, and Tetrahydrotellurophen (pages 479-493): Chapter App Appendix. Laboratory Preparations of Thiophene Compounds (pages 495-514):

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