A to Z of Romantic Relationships

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A to Z of Romantic Relationships
A to Z of Romantic Relationships: How to Become a Power Couple, Build a Stronger Bond with your Partner, and Improve your Relationship. by BRIAN OBODEZE
English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0B18NY482 | 91 pages | EPUB | 0.31 Mb
A to Z of Romantic Relationships

A most scintillating, and mind-joggling eye-opener for all lovers and fighters out there! Love in itself is never enough. There are unspoken and unresolved rules that come into play in a romantic relationship. Many get so lost in the excitement and hormone-saddled nature of relationships, that essential details are lost in the nuances of love.
A to Z of romantic relationships highlights the entirety of what is most important in a relationship in order to attain the status of "Power Couple" with real-life scenarios, brutal facts, and the most sincere opinions that are designed to help you maximize the potential of your relationship and equip you with tools to make better choices in choosing a life partner and making your relationship work this time.
The highly educational and informative piece also takes a deep dive into the psychology of love and the core components of what a relationship should be made of. It debunks all the myths and ridiculous ideas of what true love is and brings a fresh perspective to dating and finding the perfect match for a long-term relationship.
The book has something for everyone! Wondering if your relationship is on the right path or its has hit rock bottom? Looking to get your partner to behave better or appreciate you more? Do you feel like you put in too much in a relationship and you never get half of what you put in, or your partner doesn't reciprocate? This book is for you. Here's what you will learn:Finding a loyal partnerGetting to know your partner the right wayFishing out the truth and untruthBecoming the best version of yourself, even in a bad relationshipGetting and keeping a trustworthy partnerBeing the exact version of yourself that your dream partner is looking forGetting your partner to commitRepairing the cracks and flaws in your relationshipHealing from a damaged relationshipWhat you may be doing wrong in your relationshipTaking your relationship to the next level

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