A Companion to European Romanticism

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A Companion to European Romanticism
A Companion to European Romanticism By
2005 | 599 Pages | ISBN: 1405110392 | PDF | 5 MB
This companion is the first book of its kind to focus on the whole of European Romanticism. Describes the way in which the Romantic Movement swept across Europe in the early nineteenth century.Covers the national literatures of France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia and Spain.Addresses common themes that cross national borders, such as orientalism, Napoleon, night, nature, and the prestige of the fragment.Includes cross-disciplinary essays on literature and music, literature and painting, and the general system of Romantic arts.Features 35 essays in all, from leading scholars in America, Australia, Britain, France, Italy, and Switzerland.Content: Chapter 1 On Pre?Romanticism or Sensibility: Defining Ambivalences (pages 10-28): Inger S. B. BrodeyChapter 2 Shakespeare and European Romanticism (pages 29-48): Heike GrundmannChapter 3 Scottish Romanticism and Scotland in Romanticism (pages 49-66): Fiona StaffordChapter 4 Byron's Influence on European Romanticism (pages 67-85): Peter CochranChapter 5 The Infinite Imagination: Early Romanticism in Germany (pages 86-100): Susan BernofskyChapter 6 From Autonomous Subjects to Self?Regulating Structures: Rationality and Development in German Idealism (pages 101-122): Thomas PfauChapter 7 German Romantic Fiction (pages 123-137): Roger PaulinChapter 8 The Romantic Fairy Tale (pages 138-156): Kari LokkeChapter 9 German Romantic Drama (pages 157-171): Frederick BurwickChapter 10 Early French Romanticism (pages 172-191): Fabienne MooreChapter 11 The Poetry of Loss: Lamartine, Musset, and Nerval (pages 192-207): Jonathan StraussChapter 12 Victor Hugo's Poetry (pages 208-223): E. H. Blackmore and A. M. BlackmoreChapter 13 French Romantic Drama (pages 224-237): Barbara T. CooperChapter 14 Romantic Poetics in an Italian Context (pages 238-255): Piero GarofaloChapter 15 UGO Foscolo and Giacomo Leopardi: Italy's Classical Romantics (pages 256-275): Margaret BroseChapter 16 Spanish Romanticism (pages 276-292): Derek FlitterChapter 17 Pushkin and Romanticism (pages 293-308): Michael BaskerChapter 18 Lermontov: Romanticism on the Brink of Realism (pages 309-325): Robert ReidChapter 19 Adam Mickiewicz and the Shape of Polish Romanticism (pages 326-344): Roman KoropeckyjChapter 20 The Revival of the ODE (pages 345-359): John HamiltonChapter 21 "Unfinish'd Sentences": The Romantic Fragment (pages 360-375): Elizabeth Wanning HarriesChapter 22 Romantic Irony (pages 376-392): Jocelyne KolbChapter 23 Sacrality and the Aesthetic in the Early Nineteenth Century (pages 393-412): Virgil NemoianuChapter 24 Nature (pages 413-432): James C. McKusickChapter 25 Romanticism and Capitalism (pages 433-449): Robert Sayre and Michael LowyChapter 26 Napoleon and European Romanticism (pages 450-466): Simon BainbridgeChapter 27 Orientalism (pages 467-485): Diego SagliaChapter 28 A Continent of Corinnes: The Romantic Poetess and the Diffusion of Liberal Culture in Europe, 1815?50 (pages 486-504): Patrick VincentChapter 29 Lighting up Night (pages 505-521): Lilian R. FurstChapter 30 Romantic Opera (pages 522-537): Benjamin WaltonChapter 31 At Home with German Romantic Song (pages 538-551): James ParsonsChapter 32 The Romantic System of the Arts (pages 552-570): Michael Ferber

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