A Companion to Chinese Archaeology

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A Companion to Chinese Archaeology
A Companion to Chinese Archaeology By Anne P. Underhill (ed.)
2013 | 652 Pages | ISBN: 1444335294 | PDF | 9 MB
A Companion to Chinese Archaeology is an unprecedented, new resource on the current state of archaeological research in one of the world's oldest civilizations. It presents a collection of readings from leading archaeologists in China and elsewhere that provide diverse interpretations about social and economic organization during the Neolithic period and early Bronze Age.An unprecedented collection of original contributions from international scholars and collaborative archaeological teams conducting research on the Chinese mainland and TaiwanMakes available for the first time in English the work of leading archaeologists in ChinaProvides a comprehensive view of research in key geographic regions of ChinaOffers diverse methodological and theoretical approaches to understanding China's past, beginning with the era of established agricultural villages from c. 7000 B.C. through to the end of the Shang dynastic period in c. 1045 B.C.Content: Chapter 1 Introduction: Investigating the Development and Nature of Complex Societies in Ancient China (pages 1-12): Anne P. UnderhillChapter 2 "Despoiled of the Garments of Her Civilization:" Problems and Progress in Archaeological Heritage Management in China (pages 13-34): Robert E. MurowchickChapter 3 Earlier Neolithic Economic and Social Systems of the Liao River Region, Northeast China (pages 35-54): Gideon Shelach and Teng MingyuChapter 4 Understanding Hongshan Period Social Dynamics (pages 55-80): Christian E. Peterson and Lu XuemingChapter 5 The Lower Xiajiadian Culture of the Western Liao River Drainage System (pages 81-102): Wang LixinChapter 6 The Qijia Culture of the Upper Yellow River Valley (pages 103-124): Chen HonghaiChapter 7 The Sichuan Basin Neolithic (pages 125-146): Rowan FladChapter 8 The Sanxingdui Culture of the Sichuan Basin (pages 147-168): Sun HuaChapter 9 The Early Neolithic in the Central Yellow River Valley, c.7000-4000 BC (pages 169-193): Zhu YanpingChapter 10 The Jiahu Site in the Huai River Area (pages 194-212): Zhang Juzhong and Cui QilongChapter 11 The Later Neolithic Period in the Central Yellow River Valley Area, c.4000-3000 BC (pages 213-235): Li XinweiChapter 12 The Longshan Culture in Central Henan Province, c.2600-1900 BC (pages 236-254): Zhao ChunqingChapter 13 The Longshan Period Site of Taosi in Southern Shanxi Province (pages 255-277): He NuChapter 14 Production of Ground Stone Tools at Taosi and Huizui: A Comparison (pages 278-299): Li Liu, Zhai Shaodong and Chen XingcanChapter 15 The Erlitou Culture (pages 300-322): Xu HongChapter 16 The Discovery and Study of the Early Shang Culture (pages 323-342): Yuan GuangkuoChapter 17 Recent Discoveries and Some Thoughts on Early Urbanization at Anyang (pages 343-366): Zhichun Jing, Tang Jigen, George Rapp and James StoltmanChapter 18 Archaeology of Shanxi During the Yinxu Period (pages 367-386): Li Yung?Ti and Hwang Ming?ChorngChapter 19 The Houli and Beixin Cultures (pages 387-410): Wang FenChapter 20 The Dawenkou Culture in the Lower Yellow River and Huai River Basin Areas (pages 411-434): Luan FengshiChapter 21 The Longshan Culture of Shandong (pages 435-458): Sun BoChapter 22 A Study of Lian Sickles and Dao Knives from the Longshan Culture Site of Liangchengzhen in Southeastern Shandong (pages 459-472): Geoffrey CunnarChapter 23 The Eastern Territories of the Shang and Western Zhou: Military Expansion and Cultural Assimilation (pages 473-493): Fang HuiChapter 24 The Pengtoushan Culture in the Middle Yangzi River Valley (pages 495-509): Pei AnpingChapter 25 The Qujialing-Shijiahe Culture in the Middle Yangzi River Valley (pages 510-534): Zhang ChiChapter 26 The Kuahuqiao Site and Culture (pages 535-554): Jiang LepingChapter 27 Recent Research on the Hemudu Culture and the Tianluoshan Site (pages 555-573): Sun GuopingChapter 28 The Liangzhu Culture (pages 574-596): Qin LingChapter 29 The Neolithic Archaeology of Southeast China (pages 597-611): Tianlong JiaoChapter 30 First Farmers and their Coastal Adaptation in Prehistoric Taiwan (pages 612-633): Li Kuang?Ti

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