iOS Apprentice

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iOS Apprentice
raywenderlich Tutorial Team, Joey deVilla, Eli Ganim, "iOS Apprentice"
English | 2019 | pages: 1383 | ISBN: 1942878974 | PDF | 111,1 mb
Learn iPhone and iPad Programming via Tutorials!

If you're new to iOS or Swift, or to programming in general, learning how to write an app can seem incredibly overwhelming.
That's why you need a book that:
- Shows you how to write an app step-by-step.
- Has tons of illustrations and to make everything clear.
- Is written in a fun and easygoing manner!
In this book, you will learn how to make your own iPhone and iPad apps, through four engaging, epic-length tutorials.
These hands-on tutorials describe in full detail how to build a new app from scratch. Five tutorials, five apps. Each new app will be a little more advanced than the one before, and together they cover everything you need to know to make your own apps.
By the end of the series you'll be experienced enough to turn your ideas into real apps that you can sell on the App Store.

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