egghead's Guide to Calculus

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egghead's Guide to Calculus
Cara Cantarella, "egghead's Guide to Calculus"
English | 2015 | ISBN: 0768940613 | ASIN: B00VQL14HU | EPUB | pages: 392 | 28.3 mb
The fourth book in Peterson's NEW series of guides for visual learners, this volume covers basic calculus topics that are essential for success on high school and college calculus tests. Topics include limits & continuity, derivatives & their applications, and integrals. Students who need help with the basics will find that egghead's Guide to Calculus offers just what they need to be able to improve their understanding of the fundamentals of calculus necessary for success in high school and college courses. The eBook includes a review of algebra and trigonometry required in preparation for understanding calculus, expert tutorial explanations, dozens of sample exercises and solutions with helpful tips and strategies, and easy-to-follow lessons with fun graphics that provide essential information to help those who learn visually.

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