Turkey in Africa Turkey's Strategic Involvement in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Turkey in Africa Turkey's Strategic Involvement in Sub-Saharan Africa
Federico Donelli, "Turkey in Africa: Turkey's Strategic Involvement in Sub-Saharan Africa"
English | ISBN: 075563697X | 2021 | 224 pages | EPUB | 332 KB
Africa is increasingly becoming an arena for geopolitical competition over its resources and, in the last two decades, has seen many emerging powers such as China, India, Russia, Japan and Brazil attempting to strengthen their ties with the continent. Turkey's involvement has been much less discussed, despite the fact that Turkey's strategic involvement with several sub-Saharan African states has been deepening since its active engagement in the Somali crisis of 2011.

Federico Donelli brings to light the extent of Turkey's involvement in Africa and analyses the unique characteristics, benefits, challenges and limits of Turkish policy in the region. The book examines the Turkish diplomatic programme as well as its domestic reception, which includes humanitarian aid, religious links such as the OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation), as well as private business links. Crucially, Donelli examines what makes Turkish involvement different from that of other international actors in the region - its historic ties with North Africa under the Ottoman Empire.
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