Turkey and the European Union The Politics of Belonging

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Turkey and the European Union The Politics of Belonging
Lucia Najslova, "Turkey and the European Union: The Politics of Belonging"
English | ISBN: 1838602666 | 2021 | 216 pages | EPUB | 408 KB
Since Turkey's European Union accession talks began in 2005 the relationship has inspired much analysis as an example of democratic political integration and as a process which offers an insight into the future of the European Union. Offering a unique analysis of this relationship, Lucia Najslova approaches the issue through an interdisciplinary ethnographic lens and in so doing moves the discussion away from the formal diplomatic developments and towards an understanding of the issues of belonging that underpin the relationship.

The book explores multiple sites of EU-Turkey diplomacy including the 2016 refugee deal and the disputes around Northern Cyprus, offering analysis through theoretical frameworks on temporality, belonging and sovereignty. The study connects to debates on Turkish modernity and nation-building as well as debates about the future of the European Union and will be of interests to scholars of Area Studies, International Relations, Sociology and Migration Studies.
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