Truth in Public Life

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Truth in Public Life
Vernon White, "Truth in Public Life "
English | ISBN: 1912208903 | 2021 | 90 pages | EPUB | 252 KB
In Truth in Public Life, three public servants-a theologian, an economist, and an ethicist-contend for both the existence and moral imperatives of absolute truth. Each argues that society, built on ethical leadership and communal accountability, cannot be sustained without a widespread commitment to objectivity. This commitment begins at the top: policymakers must resist political expediency, judges must believe victims, journalists must embrace complexity, and the public must hold its leaders accountable to consistent, ethical standards. This short book offers a potent reminder that in a world of fake news, state lies, and echo chambers, the truth matters more than ever. For our public institutions to survive, we must define and protect the truth against all comers

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