Semen Retention Benefits A Transmutation of Your Life Energy

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Semen Retention Benefits A Transmutation of Your Life Energy
Semen Retention Benefits: A Transmutation of Your Life Energy; Masculinity, Money, Muscles & Real Manhood: The Manliness Guide To Men's Self Help, Success, Mental Health & Well Being by Rich King
English | August 20, 2021 | ISBN: 1838365893 | 115 pages | EPUB | 0.22 Mb
Do you want to be a better man?

Want to Master your Life?
Then keep reading...
Do You Know Your Sexual Energy Could Lift or Deplet Your Goals!
In this book, you will learn how to become, healthier, wealthier, attractive or more driven. Alternatively, perhaps you want to stop watching Porn or break your addiction to Sex?
Did you know masturbation can affect your:Low Mood & lack of motivationMake you less productive & stop you from achieving your goalsDeplete your self-esteem & all-round confidence
"As the rain pours through poorly thatched roofs, so does desire overwhelm the undeveloped mind." -The Buddha
Most men dismiss the subject of masturbation and its effect. This is because it's considered taboo, too personal and often embarrassing.
However, we take a holistic view, from the early thinkers to science and modern scholars, we look and current studies to unravel secrets that willblow your mind!
Semen Retention Benefitsis thefirstbook to offer men an ancient secret that has been used by many of history's most successful and powerful figures.
This natural process can be achieved by following some simple steps. This book will teach you the secrets of retaining semen, self-masturbation abstinence and what it means for yourhealth,wealth, andmasculinity.
Do you want to know the differences in impact between Semen Retention & Self-Masturbation?
This book is the ultimate in-depth guide for men who want to take control of their lives. It includes ageless secrets that will help you achieve success, mental health, and well-being. You'll learn how to improve your performance in bed AND make more money. You'll also get tips on how to build muscle and stay mentally healthy. The advantages are never-ending!
Uncover the benefits of Semen Retention through Masturbation Abstinence, the possibilities are limitless!
You'll learn about ancient techniques from the East that have been used for centuries to achieve this goal. It's time to take control of your life!
Follow these easy steps in order to retain more power and enjoy all the benefits it has on your life.
Benefits of Semen Retention include:Muscle GrowthHealthy relationshipsLess Social AnxietyBoost Immune SystemDeeper VoiceMore CharismaStronger WillpowerBetter Focus
"I don't ejaculate for six weeks before the fight. No sex, no masturbation, no nothing".
- David Haye, World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.
The sooner you start practising these methods, the sooner you will see results!
Men everywhere have been looking for this information for centuries - now it's finally available! Get your copy today so you can start living life as a real man should live it!
In thisSemen Retention Benefits BookYou will discover how to:Become the envy of male and female attentionGet to your Goals quickerHave ambitious driveIncreased Muscle massFocus and Dedication
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