Pimp Your Air Fryer

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Pimp Your Air Fryer
Pimp Your Air Fryer by Jake Grigg
English | August 3rd, 2022 | ISBN: 1761104691 | 240 pages | True EPUB | 13.71 MB
If you are hoping for a standard air fryer cookbook, this book is not for you!

Pimp Your Air Fryer goes against what you think a cookbook is. Written by Jake Grigg, aka the Air Fryer Guy, it is a recipe book that is not only fun and light-hearted, but one that promotes creativity and challenges the fundamentals of cooking.
The Air Fryer Guy is a TikTok and Instagram sensation. His videos went viral after he started making wacky recipes in his air fryer. He's tried putting everything and anything into an air fryer, from fairy floss to watermelon, you name it - he has air fried it! So, if you have just bought an air fryer and you are still learning the tricks of the trade, or if you are an air fryer OG and looking for some next-level hacks and creativity, this is the book for you!
Inside, you'll find yummy treats such as:
* Air Fried Sliders
* Ferrero Rocher Poppers
* Caramilk Poppers
* Wagon Wheel Pies
* Leftover Mac and Cheese Sausages
* Big Mac Spring Rolls
* Chicken-Twisties Chicken
* Sizzler Copycat Toast
Who would've thought that hot, circulating air would be so much fun?

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